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“We want to thank John for assisting us - as car troubles were not on our agenda tonight. His response time, attention to detail and courtesy were most appreciated as he transported our vehicle from Long Island to Queens. Thank you again for your hard work and dedication!''

Donald Salvor

Citizen Of New York

"I was hit badly in an accident and called PD towing before the phone died on me. The driver Peter was very professional, he picked my car in his tow truck and then arranged for an Uber from his phone for my home drop. I really never have seen a service of this level from towing companies.".

James Peter

Minister Of New York

"He just charged me 80$ for 4 miles! Very professional and courteous.”.

Peek Thakul

Benz Cruizer

“Peter’s a cute man, really professional and he can calm you down within seconds, take your car and make you feel relaxed.".

Donald Salvor


“"I love how an employee comes out and greets you as soon as you pull up. No appointments necessary. Fast service. Great customer service ".

James Peter


“My car stopped on my wife while I was at work. I called PD Towing and I am so glad I did. Carla took my call, heard my situation and immediately took ownership. Carla's communication with me gave me the peace of mind I needed as I completed my work day. Her customer service skills represented PD's Towing well. The assigned driver Mike contacted me as well texting that he had my vehicle and was in route to the destination. I got home and everything was in place. They told me what they were going to do and they did it. That is good business.".

Peek Thakul

Benz Cruizer

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